Sarah Ahmad Mirza

Sarah Ahmad Mirza (b. 1959, Pakistan). MICS Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA), assuming the assignment from 1 January 2009. Has been with UNICEF since 1991 and with the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Section since 1996. Has coordinated and managed several MICS-type surveys supported by the Pakistan CO at the sub national level. Has a Masters degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining UNICEF worked with UNOCA and the private sector.


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  1. Chère Madame,
    je ne sais pas qu'est que vous avez contre les francophones ?

    Mieux recrutez qcq maitrisant les méthodes MICS que de recruter un anglophone mais ne maitrisant pas les méthodes. Comme c'etait le cas pour le coordonnateur régional de HIS pour MENA-WHO !!