Current Members

New York MICS Team
+ Attila Hancioglu (Global MICS Coordinator)
+ Emma Holmberg (Programme Officer)
+ Turgay Unalan (Household Survey Specialist)
+ Ivana Bjelic (Data Processing Expert)
+ Christina Coury (Programme Assistant)

UNICEF Regional Offices (Regional Coordinators)
+ Bo Pedersen (ESARO)
+ Rhiannon James (APSSC)
+ Michele (Michka) Seroussi (WCARO)
+ Sarah Ahmad (MENARO)
+ Shane M Khan (TACRO)
+ Siraj Mahmudlu (CEECIS)

Profiles of all Global MICS Team members are posted on these pages.



Siraj Mahmudlu

Siraj Mahmudlu (b. 1977, Azerbaijan). Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist/MICS Coordinator for CEECIS - joined the Global MICS Team at the end of March 2010. Siraj has worked for UNICEF since 2002 as a Programme and Planning Officer/Specialist, and coordinated UNICEF's work in monitoring, evaluation and child-sensitive economic and social policies, and co-supervised the implementation of the Demographic and Health Survey in Azerbaijan in 2006. Siraj holds a master's degree in Social and Public Policy.



Ngagne Diakhate Retires

Ngagne Diakhate, member of the New York MICS Team, in charge of data processing, has retired.

A national of Senegal, Diakhate, as he is known to his freidns and acquaintances, was the most experienced member of the Global MICS Team, with a career in data processing spanning more than 35 years, in Senegal and New York.

Before joining the Statistics and Monitoring Section, at UNICEF New York, as a consultant in 2001, Diakhate had been involved in a large number of surveys in his native Senegal, including MICS surveys, and had also supported countries in West Africa. Diakhate joined UNICEF New York at the time of MICS2, and was the main data processing expert during MICS3. In addition to his work as a member of the New York MICS Team, Diakhate was also responsible for providing data processing support to other members of the Statistics and Monitoring Section.

Diakhate is known to his colleagues as a very hardworking, dedicated professional, with a unique personality.

We wish Diakhate all the best, and hope that his support to MICS will continue in the future.



Christina Coury

Christina Coury (b.1985, Detroit, USA). Programme Assistant for the Data Collection/MICS and Data Dissemination Units of the Statistics and Monitoring Section at UNICEF New York, since August 2009. Previously employed by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and UN Dept. of General Assembly and Conference Management, Christina is a University of Michigan graduate with English, Italian and French aptitude.



Ivana Bjelic

Ivana Bjelic (b.1978, Belgrade, Serbia). Statistics Specialist/Data Processing Expert, New York MICS Team, since June 2009. Prior to joining the MICS team, Ivana worked as a researcher in Strategic Marketing Research Institute in Belgrade, and was involved in various national and international surveys and projects including MICS and National Health Surveys. Holds Master’s degree in Probability and Statistics. She is fluent in Serbian and English, and understands Russian and Italian.



George (Gogita) Sakvarelidze Moves On

George Sakvarelidze, aka Gogita, Regional MICS Coordinator for the countries of the CEECIS region since June 2005, has decided to leave UNICEF and join the Global Fund. He will take up his new position on August 1st, 2009.

As the MICS For All blog, we wish Gogita lots of success and happiness in his new post. Thanks to Gogita, MICS had a very succesful 3rd round in the CEECIS region, with 12 countries participating. He will be a hard act to follow.

Gogita has not only been a very hardworking colleague in the MICS family, but also a very good friend.

Gogita's unique, honest and direct style, his unimitable and pleasant character, and of course, his famous toasts will not be forgotten...

All the best, Gogita !



Shane M. Khan

Shane M. Khan (b. 1979). Regional MICS Coordinator/Monitoring Specialist, TACRO. Member since May 4th. Holds a Master of Public Health from Tulane University. Before working on MICS, Shane worked at the Demographic and Health Surveys program, on a range of DHS activities, including analysis, health, data quality and data use, and report writing. He maintains active interests in youth health and behaviors, malaria, and survey methodology. He speaks English, Spanish, some Portuguese, and has periodically mumbled words in French and Arabic.



Sarah Ahmad Mirza

Sarah Ahmad Mirza (b. 1959, Pakistan). MICS Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA), assuming the assignment from 1 January 2009. Has been with UNICEF since 1991 and with the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Section since 1996. Has coordinated and managed several MICS-type surveys supported by the Pakistan CO at the sub national level. Has a Masters degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining UNICEF worked with UNOCA and the private sector.



MENARO and TACRO MICS Coordinators

Latest on the Global MICS Team:

The recruitment process for the MENARO MICS Coordinator position has been completed. Sarah Ahmad Mirza, previously a national officer in the UNICEF Pakistan Country Office, will be coordinating MICS activities for the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. We will post Sarah's short bio very soon. Sarah will begin her duties in Amman before the end of 2008.

Hopefully, the TACRO MICS Coordinator will also be on board very soon. Interviews for the position are planned for this week. Expect more news on this post in the coming weeks.



George Sakvarelidze

George Sakvarelidze (b. 1969, Tbilisi-Georgia). MICS Regional Coordinator for CEECIS Region, since June 2005. Holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Doctor’s degree in Paediatrics. Prior to MICS, worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and as Health Officer at UNICEF in Georgia. Speaks Georgian, Russian, and English, and is currently studying French.



Ngagne Diakhate

Ngagne Diakhate (b.1947, Senegal). Statistics Specialist/Data Processing Expert, New York MICS Team. First joined UNICEF as a consultant in 2001, member of New York MICS team since 2004. Education in Computer Science, and College Statistics (National School of Economics). Prior to joining UNICEF, worked at the National Institute of Statistics in Senegal for 30 years, designing, developing and processing data. Diakhate has been involved with many national and international surveys and projects, including Censuses, DHS surveys, all three rounds of MICS, as well as consultancies for the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA. Speaks French and English.



Turgay Unalan

Turgay Unalan (b.1962, Ankara). Joined New York MICS team in September 2008, as Statistics Specialist (Household Surveys). Holds Ph.D. degree in Economic and Social Demography. Before joining the MICS Team, worked as a lecturer and researcher at the Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies (Ankara), was involved in numerous national and international household surveys including DHS and MICS, and in several projects with UNFPA and UNICEF - the latter included the preparation of the Turkish version of DevInfo.


Emma Holmberg

Emma Holmberg (b. 1975, Goteborg, Sweden). Programme Officer, New York MICS Team. Has been a member of the team since 2005. Holds a Master's degree in Political Science. Before joining the MICS team, worked as a consultant for the PM&E unit of the UNICEF Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. Knows Swedish, English, Spanish - is studying French.


Attila Hancioglu

Attila Hancioglu (b. 1959, Nicosia/Cyprus). MICS Global Coordinator, since November 2004. Holds Ph.D. degree in Technical Demography. Prior to MICS, was teaching demography at the Institute of Population Studies (Hacettepe University). Directed and participated in several DHS and MICS surveys, as well as other national household surveys, since 1983. Speaks Turkish and English. Has publications on mortality, measurement of poverty, data quality in household surveys, household survey methodology.



Global MICS Team (November 2008)

Information on the current status of the Global MICS Team:

New York Headquarters
At HQ, in addition to Attila Hancioglu (Global Coordinator), Ngagne Diakhate (Data Processing Expert), and Emma Holmberg (Programme Officer), is now also Turgay Unalan, who joined the team in September 2008 as a Household Survey Specialist. Many MICSers already know Turgay, as he was involved with MICS3, attending regional workshops, assisting several countries in their analysis and reports, and reviewing reports from many MICS3 countries. Turgay is from Turkey - before joining UNICEF, was working as a lecturer/researcher at the Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies in Ankara. Turgay has been involved in various household surveys in Turkey and elsewhere, recently with Azerbaijan and Maldives DHS surveys.

Regional Offices (Monitoring Specialists/MICS Coordinators)
One of the most welcomed and important developments in MICS4 is the creation of new posts at each regional office who will be responsible for coordination of MICS and other household survey activities at the regional level. Here is the current situation in terms of recruitment for these positions:

Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CEECIS):
George (Gogita) Sakvarelidze, who was the MICS3 Coordinator for the countries in CEECIS, will continue his work at CEECIS RO (Geneva) to coordinate MICS4 activities in the region.

Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR):
Bo Pedersen, previously M&E Officer in Ghana, will be coordinating MICS4 Activities in the ESARO Office (Nairobi).

Western and Central Africa Region (WCAR):
Michele (Michka) Seroussi is the new MICS4 Coordinator in Dakar. She brings expertise from DHS surveys, where she was working previously, as well as several NGOs in Africa.

East Asia and the Pacific and South Asia (EAPR and SA):
Rhiannon James will be responsible for coordinating MICS4 activities in South and East Asia and the Pacific, at the Asia Pacific Shared Services Centre (APSSC in Bangkok). Rhiannon was previously the MICS Coordinator of the MICS survey in Somalia, and later, the Data Archiving Focal Point at HQ, as a consultant.

The interview and recommendation process for the MICS Coordinator position for the countries of the Miiddle East and North Africa Region (MENAR) has been completed. The new MICS Coordinator will be on board very soon.

In the region of The Americas and the Caribbean (TACR), candidates have been identified for the position, but interviews have not been held as yet.

We hope that with the MENAR and TACR MICS Coordinators, this very dynamic, impressive team is completed very soon.



Michka Seroussi

Michka Seroussi (b. 1960). Regional MICS Coordinator for UNICEF's Western and Central African Regional Office (WCARO). Joined October 10th, 2008. Demographer from Paris Demography Institute. Has worked 8 years for DHS/MACRO as Country Monitor for African Francophone countries. End of 1998, Michka left MACRO for a field based job with CARE International. For almost 10 years she has worked for international NGOs as Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in West and Southern Africa. She is fluent in French, English and Portuguese, and understands Spanish.



Rhiannon James

Rhiannon James (b. 1977, UK). MICS Specialist in the UNICEF Asia-Pacific Shared Service Centre (APSSC) since October 2008. Prior to joining APSSC, worked as a consultant for the New York MICS Team as the Focal Point for Data Archiving, and previous to that was the MICS3 Coordinator for Somalia. Holds a Master's degree in Demography and before joining UNICEF worked for UNFPA in Kosovo and Somalia participating in household surveys and other data collection activities.



Bo Pedersen

Bo Robert Beshanski-Pedersen (b.1972, Slagelse, Denmark). Regional Survey Coordinator with UNICEF's Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa (ESARO) since March 2008 after 3 years with UNICEF's Ghana Country Office, where he, among other things, managed a national and sub-national MICS. He holds Master's Degrees in Economics and African Studies. Before UNICEF, Bo worked with the Greenland Ministry of Finance, Danida. He speaks Danish, English, German, and is struggling with French.