Ngagne Diakhate Retires

Ngagne Diakhate, member of the New York MICS Team, in charge of data processing, has retired.

A national of Senegal, Diakhate, as he is known to his freidns and acquaintances, was the most experienced member of the Global MICS Team, with a career in data processing spanning more than 35 years, in Senegal and New York.

Before joining the Statistics and Monitoring Section, at UNICEF New York, as a consultant in 2001, Diakhate had been involved in a large number of surveys in his native Senegal, including MICS surveys, and had also supported countries in West Africa. Diakhate joined UNICEF New York at the time of MICS2, and was the main data processing expert during MICS3. In addition to his work as a member of the New York MICS Team, Diakhate was also responsible for providing data processing support to other members of the Statistics and Monitoring Section.

Diakhate is known to his colleagues as a very hardworking, dedicated professional, with a unique personality.

We wish Diakhate all the best, and hope that his support to MICS will continue in the future.



  1. Let me add that hard working, dedicated, and unique are not only aired by colleagues, but also by all the data processing staff in governments that I have heard from. All will remember him with a smile and miss his ability to explain hardcore syntax and CSPro programming to everyone in his wonderful Frenglish.